Our Services

Audit and consulting

We put our experience and vast knowledge of technologies at your service to assist you in estimating the technical feasibility of your project, optimising system parts and business processes, reducing charges and finding the most suitable technical solutions.

From planning, development or support, our experts will advise you on the best technology and solutions to possible bottlenecks as well as solutions. You will be able to make the most optimal decision, providing you with long-term results and ensuring the efficiency of the implemented solution for a long time.


Keeping an existing system regularly updated for a long time prevents you from one day having to rewrite the entire system from scratch.

Product maintenance and regular upgrades after release often play a key role in software performance and customer loyalty for years to come.

We offer support that includes performance optimisation, support, adaptation to the latest technologies and other improvements for the best efficiency of your ongoing system.

Software development

We have 6 years of unique experience of successful work in commercial software development. Web, mobile, Java Enterprise, low level development, cross-platform. We have worked with a wide range of technologies on systems of any type and complexity and have honed our technical and soft skills to the level that any company would be proud of.

The well-coordinated work of each team member, each of whom is a true professional in his or her field, allows us to achieve the best results with optimal loads.

Independent testing

Independent testing is the most effective method of assessing the quality of software before it is released into production.

Bucares provides a full range of software testing services with a complete spectrum of testing aspects: test strategy planning and management, software test design, manual and automated testing.

Efficient QA processes, modern tools and the high competence of our QA engineers guarantee the performance of your product.

Technical migration

Secure porting of existing systems to the latest technologies to improve performance, without the need to rewrite the entire system from scratch.

Integrating legacy systems with modern technologies within an established business model often requires data and application migration. Bucares’ experience in migrations allows us to work with the most critical applications and cases.

Analytics and design

Comprehensive functional and technical specifications ensure the correct functioning of the systems. Bucares analysts will clarify your requirements in close cooperation with you and compose a perfectly clear project documentation, explaining the necessary functionality in detail.

The UX&UI designers will put the final touches to the project, conceiving a pleasant and user-friendly design. An attractive design that guides users smoothly through the application will win their loyalty and contribute greatly to the success of your product.