Our Expertises


Web development drives any business forward, allowing to automate business processes and giving the freedom of managing them from anywhere in the world using any browser as well.

It is an almost universal means, applicable practically to every business domain – from the financial sector to medicine, from production to education.

Bucares develops web applications of any complexity using the widest range of technologies:

  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel)
  • JavaScript (Node.js, React/Redux, Vue.js, Angular)
  • Java
  • Sprint’s

and other programming languages.

High quality is assured by manual and automated testing:

  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • Pytest
  • Cypress
  • Puppeteer

and other tools.

Java Enterprise

Java enterprise ideally answers the needs of high-loaded scalable systems, combining high performance with clear control of the code and architecture quality. It has also advantages of a large community, huge pool of libraries for a wide variety of domains, as well as compatibility with a number of other JVM-based languages. Compared to its analogues, Java Enterprise presents the most accurate solution for big complex projects, being suitable for almost all types of backend.

Over two decades of work on the most diverse fields like telecom, banking, medical expertise or transport make Bucares Java developers the real aces of the technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence comes in when a simple step-by-step algorithm is unable to meet your business needs. AI projects generally involve complex analytic tasks like prediction, images recognition, classification and clustering of objects. 

The tasks are usually solved by machine learning methods – neural networks, decision trees, regression analysis. AI can be advantageous to any business domain – from medicine to car service. Noveo experts have worked on many specific tasks, always finding a way to address the challenge.


Cloud technologies provide you with unlimited capacities, scalable at your needs. Storage of any amount and type of data, virtual infrastructure and testing, benefits of remotely deployed applications and platforms – cloud solutions can take almost all conceivable charges upon themselves, unleashing your facilities for greater achievements.

Whether public, private or hybrid – Bucares professionals can implement any system and adapt it to your particular requirements.

Connected Objects

Connected objects have long since leaped from the sci-fi pages in our everyday life. Unified in a computer network, devices can nowadays gather, analyze, treat and transfer data to other objects via software, application or another technical means, making the human participation at least partly dispensable. You don’t necessarily have to be there anymore to get things done.

In any business domain, from electrical power to agriculture, from telecom to logistics, connected objects technologies allow to automate processes, lower work efforts, improve the provided services’ quality and decrease the production and logistics costs. Stay connected with Bucares!


Cross-platform development has two evident benefits: costs and universality. Developing one cross-platform application is financially more advantageous than several native ones, while the same code is used to build applications for different OS. Moreover, present-day cross-platform frameworks offer possibilities to unlimited UI customization and realization of any design.

Cross-platform development can be really relevant to any business domain or company, providing its users with desktop or mobile applications. Games, applications for working with devices, client side in client-servers applications… — Bucares specialists have acquired considerable expertise, working on a wide array of cross-platform applications.


The modern world has gone mobile. Today everything, from internal processes to commercial goals, can be achieved via smartphone. Mobile applications make any system more accessible, enlarging its possibilities at once.

Bucares has a huge experience in creating mobile applications of all types – native applications on iOS and Android, cross platform applications on React Native, Flutter or other technologies as well as mobile websites or PWA applications. Our experts can also help you to choose the best option, suitable for your business in the optimal way.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence combines various technologies for efficient work with large amounts of data. Competent gathering, storage and analysis of information is fundamental to reliable analytics, furthermore provided in the most convenient format. Based on it, the user will be able to take viable decisions, managing the company’s business processes.

Business modeling, nonstandard requests’ analysis and compliance, working processes automation and load decrease of the company’s employees, forecasting and assessment of investment and financial activities… – the list of the tasks BI technologies can deal with is far from being complete. Let Bucares specialists help you with the implementation of the tools that will enhance your business.