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Elevate Your Cloud Architecture with AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

This framework encapsulates the latest industry best practices and essential strategies essential for crafting robust, scalable, and secure cloud-based systems.

By conducting a comprehensive review and benchmarking your solutions against these foundational principles, you unlock insights into the expected qualities of your products. Furthermore, this process paves the path for enhancing their reliability, efficiency, security, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize Your Cloud Potential

Embrace an in-depth exploration of your architectural decisions and supercharge your cloud performance with our AWS Well-Architected Framework Review. Unlike a mere audit, this process fosters a constructive dialogue between you and our seasoned experts, aimed at delving deep into your architecture and uncovering avenues for cloud optimization.

Unlock Your Cloud's Full Potential with Bucares

Partner with Bucares to delve into the bedrock of your product, pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement, and leverage the full spectrum of cloud technologies and AWS services. Anticipate heightened performance levels, rapid adoption of cutting-edge technical advancements, enhanced scalability, fortified security measures, and streamlined expenses – all underpinned by your new, cutting-edge infrastructure!

The Foundation of Excellence

Crafting a resilient and dependable product mirrors the process of erecting a building: prior to reaching the “above-ground” stage, it’s imperative to fortify your foundation. The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review introduces the concept of six pillars – or six fundamental principles – each indispensable in the construction of a meticulously planned system.

Operational Excellence

The world evolves constantly, so it's crucial to adapt operations swiftly to meet changing market demands, customer needs, and business priorities, ensuring continuous value delivery.


Are your system, services, and data adequately protected? Our experts can help build a strong security strategy incorporating multi-layered controls, automated monitoring, and data protection.


Ensure consistent workload performance with reliable systems that quickly recover from errors and disruptions to minimize downtime.

Performance Efficiency

Are your computing resources optimized for efficiency and high performance amidst evolving demands and technologies? Our team ensures your architecture aligns with the latest requirements and leverages essential cloud features, tailoring solutions to suit your unique needs for enhanced capabilities and quality performance.

Cost Optimization

To maximize cost savings, align services and configurations with your workloads' needs, considering long-term impacts on your business. Clarifying goals and evaluating business value in each scenario enhances cloud strategy effectiveness, pinpointing areas for optimization.


Are you aware of your business's impact on the economy, society, and environment? Incorporating sustainability into your operations minimizes hardware needs and maximizes resource efficiency. Continually seeking improvement fosters positive change and efficient technology adoption.


Prior to commencing the review, an electronic signing of the statement of work is required at least three days prior to the initial assessment. Failure to complete this step will result in automatic cancellation of the review, necessitating rescheduling.

As we wrap up the project, we’ll additionally aid you in accessing AWS funding to support any outstanding repairs.


Initial Review

Identify the workload to document. Then answer a series of questions about your architecture against the six pillars established by the Well-Architected Framework Review.

Who is involved
  • Bucares Account Executive
  • Your project team

Well-Architected Framework Review

We talk directly to people involved with maintaining and developing your current environment to get a 360-degree view of your process.

Who is involved
  • Bucares Cloud Architect
  • Your project team

Findings + Reports

We will also work collaboratively to create a prioritized plan to remediate 45% of the critical findings from the Well-Architected Review.

Who is involved
  • Bucares Cloud Architect
  • Bucares Account Executive
  • Your project team



Keep In Touch!

The Well-Architected Framework was designed as a repeatable mechanism to help you evolve your cloud practice at each stage in the process, from development to production and beyond.